Lonesome Road - High Energy Country

Get ready for an all "NEW"  Lonesome Road
 One of the hottest bands in the area, LONESOME ROAD generates energy and excitement everywhere they perform.
Lonesome Road is a high energy, extremely talented group of individuals with tight harmonies, a thunderous beat, superb picking skills, and a set list filled with current country rock matched up with some classic and modern rock favorites. At the heart of Lonesome Road's beat is Rob Carnahan. Rob toured with great groups like Cheyenne and Mason Dixon. A powerhouse drummer with a rock steady beat, he is known as one of the top country drummers in the Midwest.

 Matching Rob with every kick is bass guitarist/vocalist Charlie Chapman. The youngest member of the group, but a veteran to the stage Charlie has been wowing audiences since a young age with his family band Western Kings. His huge bass sound is unmistakable and holds the rhythm section together. Charlie's playing and vocals are on the cutting edge of what popular country is today.
  Doug Stock has a resume longer than both necks of his steel guitar. Doug is invited annually to play many of the steel guitar conventions around the country. Doug is a true master on the steel but is multi-talented adding fiddle, mandolin, guitar and vocals, he is a crowd pleaser when and wherever he steps on stage. Doug and Charlie spent most of a decade playing in one of Wisconsin's most popular touring acts.

  On lead guitar is Don Boyle.  Don's picking ability is unmatched by none in the state.  From country to rock, his skills dominate.   He also contributes vocally both lead and harmony.   Don has performed with several bands through his career including Thunder Rose and he very talented and popular group WAGG. 

  Lonesome Road is fully self-contained with professional lights and sound and is ready to make your event a success.
Come check out the "NEW" Lonesome Road" for booking info go to the contact page or email  cchapman6511@gmail.com  -  (563) 380-4369
 2017 TOUR

    14th - Hazzard County - Cedar Rapids, IA    9-1am
    21st - Wild Hogs Saloon & Eatery - Walford, IA    9-1pm
    27th - Rolling Oaks Barn - Okaboji, IA     8 - 12 pm

    4th - Wildwood Saloon  - Iowa City, IA    9-1am
    11th - Tailgators - Cedar Rapids, IA    9-1am
    17th - Chrome Horse - Cedar Rapids, IA    9-1am
    25th - Jameson's - Cedar Falls, IA    9-1am

    11th - Scooter's - Anamosa, IA  9-1am

    1st - Wildwood Saloon - Iowa City, IA    9-1am
    8th - Gus' - Coralville, IA    9-1am
    22nd - Wild Hog's - Walford, IA    9-1am

    6th - PRIVATE PARTY  - Lisbon, IA

    3rd - Marion BBQ Rendevous - Marion, IA



LONESOME ROAD specializes in all sizes of venues and are fully self contained. Their show includes professional sound and lighting.

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